Under Protection

5 December, 2018

Healthy nutrition in vacations

By Melisa Steinberg de Spiler. Nutritionist (Professional License Number: 5960) It is known that nutrition is crucial in the first years of life, because it establishes […]
15 November, 2018

What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is one of the worst forms of violence against children and adolescents. “CSA occurs when children are involved in sexual activities that […]
16 July, 2018

Solidary Burako tournament

We organized a Burako tournament to obtain the necessary funds so the kids can have beautiful winter holidays. This event was a success and we achieved our […]
12 July, 2018

Life is with others

To be born means to enter a world inhabited by others. And those others -family, friends, neighborhood, community- are the ones that gave us a place […]
3 July, 2018

About butterflies (and childhood)

  It was not intentional but, as everything that happens in Ieladeinu, this is a special story. A little plant arrived, and later on we found […]
3 July, 2018

News about the children or about what we learn in Ieladeinu

2 July, 2018

Too many cooks make something special!

The female volunteers of Ieladeinu met to make Bar and Bat Mitzvah souvenirs for the kids. Rekindle this meeting and, if you were not able to […]
16 May, 2018

Shavuot, a very special celebration

14 May, 2018

Family is vital for a healthy growth

28 March, 2018

Our message for Pesach

15 March, 2018

Children’s News

15 March, 2018

Volunteer opportunities


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