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15 March, 2018
Our message for Pesach
28 March, 2018


  • • 6 Home kids are now living with their adoptive families. This fills us with happiness and pride, because we were able to walk with them the road of a very complex situation towards a life plentiful of rights and in family. We wish you the best, and you know you can always count on this second home!


  • All of the kids started school the way we like it, “dressed to the nines”.
  • With the support of our professionals and volunteers at School Support, we achieved that all the Homes and Day Center kids passed their pending school subjects.
  • There were school changes, beginnings of primary and secondary school. One of the kids filled a vacancy at the school he wanted so much.


  • We celebrated many birthdays at the Homes and the Day Center.
  • We are celebrating Shabat at the Homes, with a different guest family each week.

Voluntary Service

  • We created a new Voluntary Service program. We organized a meeting to tell the candidates about Ieladeinu. /li>
  • We are looking for some specific profiles.


We resumed the Football project. Our specialized volunteers work with the children from a perspective that stimulates community sports, commitment to a team, self-improvement and dedication to be better in life. A wonderful experience that kids have been enjoying since years ago.


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