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Our therapeutic homes shelter children between 3 and 18 years old, whose rights have been violated, either by maltreatment, abuse, severe neglect and/or abandonment; these situations led to the decision of a judicial administrative organism to remove them from their family of origin.

In them we aim to provide a space for containment and safe shelter, opening up a range of possibilities that allow them to get over the negative/traumatic experiences suffered and to reconnect with their vital transcendent sense.
In a context of affection, tolerance and respect for differences, it is restored the right to education, health and recreation, always trying to take into account on their inclinations to strengthen their resilience, and a comprehensive development of their primary potentialities.
Therapeutic Communal Homes are supervised by the General Direction for Children and Teenagers of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires (Dirección General de Niños y Adolescencia del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires), under an existing agreement. The Board of Rights for Girls, Boys and Adolescents (Consejo de Derechos de Niñas, Niños y Adolescentes) also follows up, monitors and controls of the device.

Dynamics in the Homes:

The activity that takes place in each of the Homes is determined according to the daily life of every child, and is organized in relation to school schedules, meal times, medical appointments, etc. The resting periods, homework, games, hygiene, entertainment, rides, differ for each of them according to the necessities and strategies of intervention. The dinner schedule or planned meeting areas (assembly) are the privileged areas of integration and interrelation of all children, mediated by adults who participate in them.

21-equipo-tecnicoAt the service of Our Children

Beyond the specific device that is designed for addressing violence and abuse, and consequent protection plan, treatment and restoration of rights, there are direct transverse services for children who require them.

These are:

– Integral Health: Health Coverage through Sanatorio Guemes.

  • School Integration: A team specialized in educational accompaniment and support, as well as finding suitable school for each child.20-al-servicio-de-nuestros-ninos
  • New Warehouse (Nuevo Almacén): a space for distribution of new clothes and new shoes for every child in the program that needs it.
  • Community Integration: integration in schools, clubs and other community areas outside the Ieladeinu Program.
  • Legal protection: a team of lawyers specialized in protecting and restoring the rights of mistreated and abused children.


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