Admission process

The admission of a child or young person and their immediate family group to the Program requires a process that includes the comprehensive assessment of the context of the child or young person and their family, to determine if violence or child abuse situations have occurred, the feasibility of that occurring again, the impact on the subjectivity of the child and the infringement of rights that it would entail.

The first contact established with families and children is generally given through the derivation implemented by social and community institutions: Community Social Protection networks, schools of the Jewish school network, recreational areas of the community, as well as by Organisms of Protection of Children, Teenagers and Family Rights (Ombudsmen, zonal or local Services, etc.), Courts, hospitals, health professionals and sometimes, a member of the extended family.

Functioning of the area

In the admission, the situation of abuse that the child’s is experiencing within his family is noted. It is established a strategic line of initial approach, in order to evaluate the situation in which they are, according to some basic criteria, for example, the type of abuse, the risk that such abuse leads to -regarding mental and physical integrity of the child-, the protection and existing risk factors, the chance to protect them effectively through the intervention of Ieladeinu and the parental acceptance.


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