New Warehouse (Nuevo Almacén)

It is a charitable initiative founded in 2008 by volunteers Debora Hirsh and Monica Bendayan, who are still leading it.

Thanks to its success, the Nuevo Almacén has grown and expanded the reach of your support.

Its current mission is to collect and re-distribute new first necessity resources (or used in excellent condition) for the children and teenagers and Ieladeinu and La Fundación de Acción Social de Jabad (another charity project that takes care of families and adults in a vulnerability situation).

The Nuevo Almacén provides clothing, school supplies, hygiene elements, linens, toys and books, among other things.

Temporal collection campaigns are organized for contributions in kind: back to school, Passover, winter, Rosh Hashanah and summer.

In addition, Debi and Moni, knowing personally each of the children, they manage to make a personal follow up providing them with special items for birthdays, celebrations and Bat Bar Mitzvah, when they leave the program, etc.

Also, volunteers organize different events to raise funds to help them acquire the materials that it was not possible to receive as a direct donation (see some examples in the picture gallery on the right).

If you want to make a donation in kind, join some of the temporary projects and/or participate in an event, please complete the following form:


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