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15 November, 2018
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By Melisa Steinberg de Spiler. Nutritionist (Professional License Number: 5960)

It is known that nutrition is crucial in the first years of life, because it establishes a correct pattern of growth and development that will determine children’s future health.

Now that we are approaching the time of vacations, it is time to be alert, since in many cases good diet and nutrition also take some days off. It is at this time of the year where routines change and schedules are altered, with which food is at a higher risk of getting disorganized. Our children’s bodies do not take vacations and the nutrients necessary for their growth still play a key role in their health. No matter the season of the year, taking care of diet in childhood is crucial, since at this stage not only tissue formation occurs, but also the habits that will remain in adolescence and adult life are incorporated.

In their free time, children consume a high content of fats, sugars and salt. These are the characteristics of sweets, snacks, juices and industrial drinks. Therefore, during vacations it is very important for families to take certain measures so as not to suffer the consequences of a sudden change of habits or affect the health of children.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have healthy snacks: fruits, fresh cheeses, granolas and cereal bars, whole grain cookies, milk and yogurt, dried fruits, and gelatin with fruit.
  • Try to keep intake schedules as usual as possible.
  • Have safe water available to favor hydration instead of sugary drinks or commercial juices.
  • Share the preparation of food with children, making time in the kitchen a fun moment.
  • Regulate the consumption of sweets and snacks, especially when children are in front of the television and other electronic devices.
  • Avoid skipping meals.

We know that children eat candies, chocolates, drinks and snacks: we can intersperse these foods sporadically with more nutritious options. Organizing intakes in a healthy and orderly manner protects them.

Happy and healthy vacations!



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