What is Ieladeinu?

IELADEINU, in english means “Our Children” is the program of the Jewish Community Argentina that aims to promote, protect, return and restore the rights of children and teenagers, and repair the damage they carry, product of abusive situations within their families.

Since its creation in 1999, more than 500 children and teenagers have been taken care of; currently we look after and protect approximately 200 children with different forms of intervention: strengthening families, day care centers, alternative family care (foster care) and coexistence communal homes.

UNICEF mentioned IELADEINU as the most innovative project in Latin America (2005). Dr. Jorge Rivera Pizarro, representative of UNICEF ARGENTINA, said: “Ieladeinu is not only valuable for the Jewish children that it serves, is a paradigm, a model of how to address these problems.”

With the support of this organization in 2008 the book “Child abuse, the innovative approach of Ieladeinu Program” was published. This book was distributed among professionals and icons from the field, and also reached the general public through the major bookstores in the country.

Among some of the institutional recognitions, the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires declared IELADEINU Program of Social Interest, and the Honourable Chamber of Deputies of the Nation declared it of parliamentary interest of social character.


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