Strengthening the family


The area of family strengthening aims to work with families in order to ensure the protection and wellbeing of children and strengthen their abilities, to benefit the upbringing.

For this, each family that is under the Program has a professional that becomes a consultant, the Family Operator. The function of this professional is to visualize the family group as a unit, taking the child as a subject immersed in a family, community and multi-institutional dynamic.

Working together with Organisms of rights protection:

The abuse suffered by children and teenagers who were admitted in Ieladeinu shows the breaching of their rights by those who should take care of them. Going to court is a way of deepening the protection we provide, registering an act to return the child as a subject of law and ensure that these are preserved. Sometimes, the Justice system is the only one who can legalize our intervention and the lack of protection and vulnerability of the children and teenagers who are in our program. It is part of the support network that children have, even if they and their parents are unaware.

When judicial intervention occurs, it tries to insert the law that protects the rights of children. It is a direct limit to what is happening in the home and is a possibility of change, with the need of celerity of the times in which they must occur.

Within the family strengthening team, works a team of lawyers that accompanies the different stages of the proceedings in Court, and Local Protection Organizations (Ombudsman, Area and Local Services) and other legal advisers.


Technical team and coordinators


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