Rosh Hashanah at Family Strengthening

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25 September, 2017
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3 October, 2017

As every year, the Family Strengthening area organized Rosh Hashanah’s dinner, to which all the families involved in this area attended.

We try every year to make something different. This time, we wanted to acknowledge accomplishments; a goal achieved by ever girl, boy or teenager. This way, special and individual diplomas were designed for each and every one of them, thinking of their singularities.

The children loved to get these mentions: some encouraging words, that recognize with joy their desires and interests. The families enjoyed the recognition of each kid, this mention that highlights the positive things. It was a very special moment.

At the end of the event, each family got as a present a family portrait. It was a photo they had taken when they arrived and was printed during the dinner. This present was thought as a way of contributing to the recognition of the value of family. A very nice surprise!

Also, we had our always-expected balloon release, a Rosh Hashanah’s dinner tradition: each family gets a balloon and they make a wish, full of longing and hope. An active and desiring attitude is encouraged and the balloons are let off together, elevating the wishes.

It was a very special encounter!


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