2017 Business Forum – Tickets to Ieladeinu’s benefit

Ayudarte, 4th edition
29 August, 2017
Rosh Hashanah at Family Strengthening
2 October, 2017


Your place is at 2017 Business Forum.

Why? Simple! Because we are going to help you empower your business, live together with the most important specialists.

Registering with the Promotional Code #IELA, you automatically obtain a 50% discount on your ticket’s value. Furthermore, what we raise with this code will be destined to benefit the children of the Foundation.

We got the visit of the organizers of 2017 Business Forum and, apart from their generous donation, they decided to share a benefit with our friends: if you buy your ticket with the Promotional Code #IELA, you pay half the price and that donation goes directly to the children.


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