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23 August, 2019
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26 August, 2019

It has long been recognized that being a volunteer is a practice that grew among the world’s population, both in NGOs and companies, as well as in other areas. Even in some countries such as Israel, it is part of the adolescent educational project, within the official curriculum.

Day by day, thousands of volunteers constantly mobilize different actions around the world. There are so many types of volunteering that one could say that each of us can find that place where to put our grain of sand, making a difference that traces the path of another possible scenario.

With their characteristics, personalities, pathways and learning, each person who starts the path of volunteering modifies the environment in which he/she carries out his/her task while modifying him/herself internally and going through the experience.

Many times, it was said that volunteering can help both the recipient and the giver and, without a doubt, this is irrefutable. But why?

Being a volunteer represents a social commitment that, at the same time, usually makes sense of what we do every day. And if we talk about sense … Who can deny the sense of doing good?

On the other hand, in order to volunteer we must be committed affectively and emotionally to the cause to which we decided to dedicate a part of our life.

We feel then that some of our work, together with that of others, forms and integrates “a great conglomerate of good actions” that justifies our effort, time and dedication for nothing less than MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

We are satisfied when we achieve goals, we feel that we are contributing to an important cause and enjoy being part to give “something good”, trying to counteract the effects of what we consider threats to our society, such as lack of education, care, health, food…

As if that was not enough, in addition to making sense of our life, we discover that volunteering has multiple benefits for our physical and mental health.

Helping, getting in touch with others, getting rid of egocentrism, participating in a cause that motivates and excites us, and to which we assign meaning, decreases anxiety and chronic stress, generating a virtuous circle that helps both my mental and physical health.

Being volunteers puts us in touch with other people, situations and experiences that are new, favoring the increase of our social and communication skills, as well as being aware of others and growing empathy. In addition, we have team work learning, problem solving training, project planning, task management and organization.

At the same time, getting in touch with global difficulties helps us “getting out of ourselves”, taking a look outside, decentralizing attention, diminishing and counteracting “individualism” of which we complain so much today, causing isolation and sedentary lifestyle.

In Ieladeinu, the volunteer area is growing more and more: we have volunteers from School Support, events, makeup, hairdressing, professionals from different sectors that help us grow, change and improve, and complement us and contribute every day to make a little more for our children.

Therefore, do not hesitate to join. Do not hesitate to help and help yourself.

Lic. Gabriela Sassón


Volunteer Area Coordinator, Ieladeinu

If you want to become a volunteer, please email us at or


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