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We traveled to Concordia!
12 April, 2019
Reading: “How”, before “where” and “when”
15 April, 2019

We share this article where we talk about the experience of Affective Models in Ieladeinu for Juan Car’s news site. Thank you, Florencia Tuchin, for this committed interview!

Read the interview

If you want to join as an Affective Model, email us at

We participated in an Alternative Family Care Programs meeting at the office of “Familias Abiertas”, where we were able to share experiences with other programs that approach the same topic.

If you want to know more about Alternative Family Care, go to:…/cuidados-alternativos-en-familia/

To join, request an appointment via email:

We organize an institutional event with families that support our work of caring and protecting the rights of children and adolescents.

These supportive families constitute a crucial support network. If you want to join your family, email us at


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