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4 October, 2017
Good news!
28 November, 2017


What the wind left…we collected leaves and flowers that had fallen from the trees when we came back from school. Take a look at the beautiful picture we made!




Learning to repair things.




We learn the importance of a healthy breakfast.


We help to prepare our friend’s birthday. 






Enjoying the nice weather.




The children participated in a workshop organized by Tecnokids, an institute that teaches technology and programming to children.





We learned about Noah and the Ark.




Making arrangements for the summer.





We visited the Library


A teenager started the bakery workshop in Gluska.





One of the children who attends a special education school, danced the chacarera at school and recreated a field day.





We attend the Museum´s Night.




¡We played, we learned... and we have fun!



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